JEM Technology Group logo Staffing Process

The process JEM Technology Group follows in order to provide consultants to our clients is illustrated below.

JEM Technology Group Staffing Process

First, our client's requirements are gathered and finalized. Second, the consultants that possess the desired skillsets are located. Where JEM Technology Group employs consultants that possess the desired skillsets and also meets our client's additional requirements (such as availability date, location, rate, etc), the position is filled internally. Where JEM Technology Group does not employ a consultant that meets all our client's requirements, a search is conducted outside JEM Technology Group. At that time, the position will be listed on our website and may be reviewed and applied for via our "Careers" page.

Once all the appropriate consultants have been located, they are then screened by JEM Technology Group. For the consultants that pass this screening, they are presented to our client and screened again by them. Upon the completion of the screening process, our client selects the consultant they believe will best fit their requirements. After the selection occurs, JEM Technology Group reconfirms an interest on behalf of our consultant and our client and formalizes the engagement so that work can begin.

External resources should note, a formal employment or subcontracting offer from JEM Technology Group will not come until after JEM Technology Group reconfirms an interest by both parties to formalize the engagement.